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Year 5

In Year 5, we build on the children’s knowledge and skills from Years 3 and 4 and encourage them to work more independently by using a variety of self-help strategies including the use of our Learning Powers, Learning Partners (which change weekly), 3B4ME and Help Desks. They are encouraged to evaluate their own learning by identifying things they have done well and areas for development.

English and Maths lessons are taught daily and include individualised learning tasks to meet the needs of all children.  Our classroom environment encourages and supports the development of vocabulary and background knowledge to strive for success throughout the curriculum. Key skills, such as spellings and times tables, will be practised regularly.

Home Learning will be set through ‘Reading Rambles’, ‘Maths Meanders’  and ‘Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Books’ and your support is valued and vitally important for your child’s development and also provides a great opportunity to spend time together.

We strive to make learning fun and hands on to take into account pupil’s differing abilities and interests. Curriculum days, trips and activities are planned in carefully to enrich your child’s learning experience. The children will also be given the opportunity to share their learning with the rest of the school and parents/carers through regular Class Presentations.

We prepare our children, through a carefully planned broad and balanced curriculum, for Year 6 and the subsequent transition to secondary school, supporting and encouraging each child to fulfil their full potential.