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Year 4

In Year 4 the children have settled well into life in school, and show an increasing confidence in school routines and developing as independent, responsible learners.  Learner-led learning is developing further in Year 4. Children use the Help Desks and Learning Walls to support their learning, supporting our 3B4ME thinking.  They take on more roles in the classroom and act as role models for the children coming into Year 3, supporting and guiding them where necessary.

The Year 4 curriculum has continued to embrace the new National Curriculum, continuing to be creative with the children impacting on the paths of learning we follow.  Where possible Mathematics and English are linked through the topic to engage the children and develop their learning, e.g. poetry writing being linked to practical first hand experiences.

Maths and English weeks help us to apply our basic and key skills through a range of cross curricular activities.  The children enjoy showcasing their learning in this way.  Reviewing our learning daily as part of their lessons is key throughout all areas and supports the children in setting next steps to achieving their NOW targets.  Children in Year 4 are developing as Peer Coaches and deepening their learning. 

Throughout the year children will also take part in Class Presentations sharing exciting things they have experienced with the school and parents/carers.