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Year 4

In Year 4, the children are continuing to develop the skills they need to become more independent in their learning. Use of materials from the Help Desks and effective displays on the Learning Walls support the strategy of 3B4ME. Our Learning Powers also encourage the children to develop positive attitudes towards their learning.

The Year 4 curriculum is driven by cross-curricular links which enable the children to practise their skills in a wide range of subjects, especially Reading, Writing and Maths. Lessons are planned to make school an exciting and engaging learning environment. The children are given numerous opportunities to expand their vocabulary through reading across the curriculum, and Word of the Day activities in different subject areas. Vocabulary is displayed in classrooms to encourage correct spelling and use of the words. Children have personal dictionaries to record interesting vocabulary they come across for use in their writing.

A range of methods are used to enthuse children in their learning for example stories, visitors and visits.  

Practise for the new multiplication check at the end of Year 4 is regularly undertaken to build children’s confidence in rapid recall of multiplication facts.  Our new problem solving strategy (QUACK), enables children to develop a deeper understanding of answering reasoning problems. 

Throughout the year, children will also take part in Class Presentations sharing exciting things they have experienced with the school and parents/carers.

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