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Please click the attachments below to view our school policies.

  1. Accessibility Plan.pdf Download
  2. Admission Policy 2019-2020.pdf Download
  3. Admission Policy 2020-2021.pdf Download
  4. Adult Code of Conduct.pdf Download
  5. Anti Bullying Policy September 2017.pdf Download
  6. Appraisal Policy.pdf Download
  7. Assessment Policy.pdf Download
  8. Asthma policy.pdf Download
  9. Attendance Policy - March 2018.pdf Download
  10. Behaviour and Discipline Policy July 19.pdf Download
  11. Behaviour Principles Statement September 2017.pdf Download
  12. Capability-Policy.pdf Download
  13. Charging and Remissions Policy January 2018.pdf Download
  14. Child Protection Safeguarding Policy SPCEDS 2019-2020.pdf Download
  15. Children missing education Policy.pdf Download
  16. Code of Conduct.pdf Download
  17. Collective Worship Policy October 2017.pdf Download
  18. Complaints Policy.pdf Download
  19. Data Protection Policy.pdf Download
  20. Disaster Recovery Plan.pdf Download
  21. Domestic Violence Policy.pdf Download
  22. E-Safety-Policy.pdf Download
  23. EAL Policy.pdf Download
  24. Equality and Diversity Policy 2019.pdf Download
  25. Feedback Response and Marking Policy.pdf Download
  26. Fire Policy.pdf Download
  27. First Aid Policy.pdf Download
  28. Governor Visits Policy.pdf Download
  29. Health & Safety Policy.pdf Download
  30. Induction Policy.pdf Download
  31. Intimate Care and Healthy Touch Policy.pdf Download
  32. LA Teacher-Appraisal-Policy---Oct-2012.pdf Download
  33. LAAT SPCEDS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.pdf Download
  34. Lone Working Policy.pdf Download
  35. Peer-to-Peer-Abuse Policy.pdf Download
  36. Privacy Notice - Parents and Pupils.pdf Download
  37. RE Policy February 2018 update.pdf Download
  38. Relationship and SE Policy 2017.pdf Download
  39. SEND Policy.pdf Download
  40. School Pay Policy December 2015.pdf Download
  41. Safer Working Practises- Jan 18.pdf Download
  42. Supporting pupils with medical condition Policy.pdf Download
  43. Teaching and Learning Policy.pdf Download
  44. Use of force and restraint policy.pdf Download
  45. Values and Ethos.pdf Download
  46. Whistle Blowing Policy.pdf Download
  47. Working practises for SEND.pdf Download
  48. Equality Objectives 2019.pdf Download