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How will I be kept informed and be involved?

Will every member of staff working with my child be aware of their needs?

All staff working with your child would be made aware of their special educational needs and/or disability (SEND).  This ensures that all staff can offer the help and support that your child needs.  This would involve staff working within your child's class and year group as well as the Phase Lead.  Where a pupil has significant needs, wider staff would be aware of your child's needs, for example all staff within a Phase plus the midday supervisors so that the support is provided at all times, for example where a child uses sign language or has a visual or hearing impairment.

Who can I talk to about my child's special educational needs and/or disability?

The class teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) will support you and your child with any concerns that you have and provide you with any information that you need. 

Will someone be able to help me with all the processes?

The SENCo will help you to understand all the processes and support you with the things that you need to do.  There is no such thing as a silly question. 

What do I need to do to support my child and the school, and how will I be involved?

The SENCo will ensure that everything is in place to support your child, and will let you know what you need to do.  Where a pupil has outside agencies involved and has specific difficulties, you will meet with the SENCo, class teacher and professionals regularly, every term (three times a year) where possible to keep you informed and to make any decisions necessary.  Where a pupil does not have any outside agencies involved, you will meet with class teachers each term at Parent Consultations to discuss your child's progress.  The SENCo is also available during these times should you wish to see her.

You can help your child by supporting them with the targets on their Individual Support Plan. 

What do staff do if they have a concern about my child?

If any member of staff has a concern about your child, and thinks that they are finding it difficult to learn compared with other children in their class, then they will discuss their concerns with the SENCo.  If the conclusion is that your child may have special educational needs, either the class teacher or SENCo will discuss these concerns with you and together you will decide the best course of action.  This will normally be to place your child on our Special Educational Needs Register and to provide extra support to help them.

How will my child be involved in the process?

If we have identified that your child has special educational needs (SEN) we will produce a Individual Support Plan for them and share this with your child.  We will discuss with them what they are good at and what they find difficult.  We will talk to your child about what could help them and ask them to sign the Learning Map.

If we have any meetings with you or have to complete any paperwork, we will ask your child how they think they are getting on so that their views are heard and taken into account. 

How will my child's progress be tracked and how will the school keep me informed about their progress and achievements?

The school tracks pupils progress and attainment very closely and reports to the Assessment Lead, Head Teacher and Governors at least termly.  Pupil progress is discussed at Pupil Progress Meetings held every term with the Assessment Lead, Phase Lead, SENCo and class teacher so that any concerns may be addressed.

Your child's progress and achievements will be shared with you at termly Parent Consultations and during any review meetings that may be held.  Discussions will be held around their attainment, academic progress and progress against the targets that have been set on their Individual Support Plan.

If your child is not making the progress that we would like, then we will discuss changing the support that they are receiving or involving new outside agencies to offer advice and support.