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Extra Curricular Activities

At SPCEDS we believe that children need a wide variety of learning experiences which develop a range of skills and interests that will support them as they go through life.

There are a range of activities available to children during the school week to enhance their learning experiences.  Throughout the school year SPCEDS offers activities which include football, netball, gardening, gymnastics, dance, athletics, multi-skills, library, cooking and ICT.  We have a thriving School Choir for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 who support Collective Worship both in school and at church.  In addition to these school activities, regular trips are organised for year groups and residential trips currently take place in Year 6.  If you would like to volunteer to support any of these extra-curricular activities or are interested in setting up something new please let us know.

At SPCEDS we are committed to the safety and welfare of all our children and should you wish to come into school to support we ask that you complete a Volunteer Application form for us to check your suitability to work with our children.