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Community Views

Parental Views

'Delight and pride, are the two words that describe how we feel, as the parents of two children at your school, what a wonderful year they have had, and this is all down to the tremendous commitment, hard work and dedication from all the staff at Spalding Parish Church of England Day School.  To the SENCo, a great big thank you, for the many phone calls we have shared, always listening, caring and being so understanding, and arranging all the various assessments our daughter has had. Thank you, for the enormous commitment you put into making the school a safe and happy place for our children, and all the other children.  We are so very lucky as a family to be part of Spalding Parish Church of England Day School.'

'Overall I think that you are very approachable with any concerns, this is important for any child but even more so when dealing with a child with special needs.  You have been very good listening to my worries as a parent and you have explained and taken us through the quite complicated statementing process.  You have been a valuable support to our daughter and her family.'

'Currently we have four children in SPCEDS from Reception to Year 5.  Their range of educational and emotional needs are very different and the school has always met and exceeded each individual...All my children entered this amazing school at different and trying times in their lives.  They have always been made to feel equal and welcome.  The school has always given an open door approach to parents.  This has proven time and time again that they go above and beyond any job role within the school.'

Professional Views

Following a review of the behaviour, safety and well being of pupils at SPCEDS, it was felt that the school supported the following affirmations:

  • You can explore and experiment and we will support and protect you
  • What you need is important to us
  • We want you to be here and want to care for you
  • We are glad you're here
  • You can know what you need and ask for help
  • It's ok for you to be angry and we won't let you hurt yourself or others
  • You can say 'no' and push the limits as much as you need to - and we will hold appropriate boundaries

When parents of pupils with special educational needs were asked to select affirmations to explain how we support their children, they chose the following affirmations:

  • We are glad that you are you
  • You belong here
  • You can know what you need and ask for help
  • You can be yourself and we will still care for you
  • All of your feelings are ok here
  • You can be interested in everything
  • We still want to be with you when we differ and we can learn

Steve Russell (Beyond Behaviour) - Behaviour, Leadership and Well-being Consultant

'At a team meeting, Keith Hamilton (Teacher of the Hearing Impaired) and Kerry Hunte (Teacher of the Visually Impaired) raised Spalding Parish Church of England Day School and discussed how very positive and supportive you have been with hearing impaired and visually impaired children; the good progress children are making and excellent supportive transition plans in place for the September transfers.  Particular praise was given to your SEN Co-ordinator.  On behalf of SESS, we would like to thank your school for your continued excellent collaborative working.'

Michelle White - Children's Services Team Manager

'Spalding Parish Church of England Day School is an actively inclusive community, considering the needs of pupils, parents, staff, partners, the community and vulnerable groups such as SEN and EAL etc.  Inclusion is clearly an integral part of school life and support is targetted 'by design' for individuals and groups.'

Jo McCann - Director of Inclusion Quality Mark Limited