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Class Attendance

The Attendance Trophies for week commencing
9th March  2020 are awarded to:

FS2/KS1 - Y2DN 97.34% 

KS2 - Y3NP/RW 96.83%


Overall school attendance for the week is 95.99%


9th March to 13th March - Y2DN & Y3NP/RW

2nd March to 6th March - FS2LM & Y2JS and Y5AS

24th February to 28th February - Y2DN and Y5EW

10th February to 14th February - Y1EW/JC and Y4CH

3rd February to 7th February - Y1CR and Y5EW

27th to 31st January -   FS2LM and Y1RS and Y4SH

20th to 24th January - Y2DN and Y2DS and Y3NP/RW

13th to 17th January - Y1EW/JC and Y5EW

6th to 10th January - Y1CR and Y3NP/RW

Sainsbury Vouchers Winners for Terms 1 and 2

FS/KS1 - John Tojo  Y2JS

KS1 - Ana Marques - Y3NP/RW

KS2 - Kaylee Grooby - Y6KR

100% Attendance - Book winners for Term 2

FS2 - Katie West  FS2LM

KS1 - Razvan Tetian  Y2DN

LKS2 - Aidan Pocius  Y3NH

UKS2 - Jacek Jedrzejewski  Y6KB 

Weekly Attendance Winners Term 2

16th to 19th December - Y2DN and Y3EP

9th to 13th December - Y1RS and Y3NP/RW

25th to 29th November - Y2AC and Y3NP/RW

18th to 22nd November - FS2RG and Y3NP/RW

11th to 15th November - Y1RS and Y6KB

4th to 8th November - Y2DN and Y5EW

29th October to 1st November: Y1RS and Y5EW

100% Attendance - Book winners for Term 1 

FS2 - Zella Cawthorne       FS2LH

KS1 - Denisa Iacob              Y1RS

LKS2 - Lukas Grigaliunas   Y4AR

UKS2 - Goda Gelgotaite    Y5EW

Weekly Attendance Winners Term 1

14th to 18th October: Y2JS and Y3NP/RW

7th-11th October: Y2DN and Y4SH

30th September to 4th October: Y1EW/JC and Y6KR

23rd to 27th September 2019: Y2AC and joint Y4CH and Y5EW

16th to 20th September: Y2DN and Y6KB

4th to 6th September: Y1EW/JC and Y5EW