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How accessible is the school for pupils with a disability?

We have made lots of adjustments to our school to help pupils with a disability.  Most external doorways have ramps for those with walking disabilities, and in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, all external ramps/steps are painted yellow to make them more visible to those with visual impairments.  We have a disabled toilet with an electronic changing table and a large shower facility.  Corridors are sufficiently wide for anyone in a wheelchair, with push button entry within our main entrance.   There is also disabled car parking available.

Will you make adjustments if my child or I have a disability?

We always make reasonable adjustments for pupils and their parents/carers, where we can.  We work closely with parents/carers and any outside agencies who give us advice.  Over the years we have provided special seating, an electronic changing table, writing slopes, coloured overlays and therapy equipment to name just a few.

Will my child be included in all activities, for example school trips?

We have been recognised as an 'Inclusive' school, through the 'Inclusion Quality Mark' Scheme, and allow all pupils to take part in all activities.  We go to great lengths to ensure that any pupil with a special educational need and/or disability has the necessary adult support or required equipment so that they can take part, this includes school trips and residentials.

How will my child be included in lessons if they have special educational needs and/or a disability?

Staff always work hard to plan activities that all children can achieve in.  A pupil's Individual Support Plan, Health Care Plan (HCP), De-Escalation Plan or Education, Health Care Plan will identify the support they need. 


Schools are expected to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for pupils with a disability.  If a pupil has a disability and would like a place at our school, we will work closely with both the parents and any Outside Agencies to ensure that where possible and reasonable, we will make any adjustments necessary to enable the pupil to access the curriculum, wider school life and environment and they will not be treated less favourably.